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About the TCU Rhino Initiative

The TCU Rhino Initiative was launched in April 2014 by Dr. Mike Slattery, director of the Institute for Environmental Studies (IES). The program is one the major foci in IES, along with our research on wind energy ( and our conservation initiatives at the TCU Tropical Research Station in the cloud forests of Costa Rica.

We have teamed up with Dr. Will Fowlds, renowned South African wildlife vet and rhino conservationist, to help save the rhino and ensure its long-term survival. In South Africa, rhino are being brutally poached at a rate over three per day. We stand ready to help on several fronts, from organizing reduction demand campaigns and raising public awareness, to supporting protection and rescue initiatives on the ground, where poached rhinos can be rehabilitated and eventually function again in wild habitats. We also send TCU students to South Africa as part of our Biodiversity and Human Development study abroad course.

A special message from Dr. Will Fowlds (left) and Dr. Mike Slattery explaining the rhino crisis and TCU's involvement (right).

Here is a story TCU 360 Magazine did on the initiative.


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