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Dr. William Fowlds is a South African veterinary surgeon at the Amakhala Game Reserve (www.amakhala.co.za) who works, quite literally, at the coal face of the rhino crisis conducting life-saving surgery on poached rhinos. He is involved in a wide range of conservation initiatives. These include:

  • Wildlife management aspects of conservation and ranching of private, national parks and provincially managed reserves.
  • Social development aspects of eco-tourism in the Eastern Cape – helping local communities understand the role wildlife plays in their environment.
  • Education – from educational and training opportunities for students from vet schools representing all five continents, to consumer education by educational safaris and television series highlighting the reality of the rhino crisis to the world - and specifically in countries where rhino horn is consumed.
  • Improving the quality of veterinary care for injured rhinos
  • Awareness – public speaking, meeting politicians, celebrities and other key influencers to lobby support for the rhino cause

Dr. Fowlds has documented several poaching attacks on rhinos. Click here for his story on Geza as told in "Poached" and click here for the Youtube video. In March 2012 three rhinos were attacked at the Kariega game reserve in the Eastern Cape. Two died and Dr. Fowlds has documented the story of the slow rehabilitation of one of the three rhinos who survived this attack, as a means to raise awareness around anti-poaching and the illegal rhino horn trade. This is a compelling story and the documentary is well worth watching. Just click here to go to the YouTube video and start with Kariega Day 1.

Read Dr. Fowlds' blog that details all aspects of his life as a wildlife vet here at williamfowldsdaytoday.blogspot.com

Connect with Dr. Fowlds on his Facebook page -https://www.facebook.com/william.fowlds

Follow Dr. Fowlds on Twitter -@DrWillFowlds

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