Fort Worth CUSM party

On Saturday, 2nd March, we assembled in TCU's Center for Remote Sensing Research for a CUSM broadcast. We had already had a BBQ party at my house on Friday and then had spent a good deal of Saturday morning and early afternoon in a paintball battle arranged by Brett Harvey. After paintball we had dinner at Pulido's Mexican Restraunt, then went to Billy Bob's in Fort Worth's Stockyards district for a look at the world's largest honkey tonk. We assembled around 9:15 PM at TCU for the CUSM broadcast.

Party attendees included: Becki Boor, Brett Harvey, Jonathen Dick (JD), Joyce Arreguin, Kathleen Brown (KB), Rachel Shizgal, Scott Green, Eric Sten, Kirk Anne, Rob Burcham (Rob@Blairlake), Don Castella (Don@Chicago), Ed Crabtree (Ed Rock), Cecily Waterman (Cecily), Jen (Jen Stinchcomb) and Michael Kivetz (Mobeus@Bellcore).

Boz@Venice Beach Pics

Kirk screen dumps

An example P-list

Janne's pictures

Deamon's pictures

Brett's Pics

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