Fort Worth Nov CUSM Technoshindig

On Saturday, 2nd Nov, 1996, we assembled in TCU's Center for Remote Sensing Research for a CUSM broadcast. We had already had a BBQ party at my house Friday evening (with a minor CU broadcast from the house) and had spent a good deal of Saturday morning and early afternoon in a paintball battle arranged by Brett Harvey (I was sick and could not attend). After paintball we had dinner at Pulido's Mexican Restraunt. We assembled around 9:15 PM at TCU for the CUSM broadcast.

Party attendees included: Cecily Waterman (Cecily), Brett Harvey (Bad Brett), Scott Green (Scott), Eric Sten (Deamon Master), Jen Stinchcomb (Jen), Michael Kivetz (Mobeus@Bellcore), Greg Smith (Alkemist), Chris Silverberg (Spiderchris), Ed xxx (EvilEd), Eric Vanman (Eric@LA@Tex), RondaLea, Julie (Horsin'Around), Diane Brown (Moonrazor), Bill Smith (SpaceCowboy) and Darron Vanman (Eric's brother).

Cecily's Kodak50 Pics at Pulidos and in Remote Sensing

Mobeus' Party Pictures
Deamon's Party Pictures
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