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At some point I will index this list, but for now it is stored only alphabetical order of the product name - but there is always Find ! If you have corrections to products, or would like to draw my attention to any new products please let me know by email or snail-mail. New software will also eventually make it into the geological software column I write for Geotimes. This listing is now split into two pages to ease downloading. The order of occurence is purely alphabetical by product name.

Snail mail will reach me at:
Dr. Arthur B. Busbey
Department of Geology
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VOICE: (817) 257-7301 or 7270
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Any title marked with an asterisk (*) is software that we use in the Geology Department at TCU for research or instructional use.

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AAPG Index to Publications,Masera-AAPG Data System, 1743 East 71st Street, P.O. Box 702708, Tulsa, OK, 74136,USA, 918 496-7777, $195, Fully indexed from Tables of Contents, this is a searchable listing of more than10,000 articles and publications of the AAPG from 1917 to the present. It comes on floppy disks, includes the search software, and is available on both Macintosh and PC. Single copy license for the 1975-1990 data is $95 and the license for 1917-1990 is $195.

*Advanced Structure Bundle, Earth 'n Ware,148 Cadish Avenue, Hull MA 02045, Ph./FAX (617) 925-0264, $300, The Advanced Structure bundle includes Flinn Plot (3D deformation paths), Strain Grid (makes `strain' movies), Rf/Fry (Fry, Rf/F, Lisle curves...etc.), StereoReader (convert images to data), General Shear (deformation modeling), Solve3Stretches (strain from 3 known circles), Offaxis (calculates and plots off-axis Mohr Circles) and 2D-3D (the ellipse/ellipsoid compatibility problem). Site license $900.

Alteration Trends, D.R. Mason & J.E. Mason,P.O. Box 78,,Glenside,SA,5065,Australia, $45, For specified alteration models plots resulting trends in weight percent and g/100 cc. Input data includes starting composition and altered composition (major and minor element oxides and density). Plots any one of the oxide variables versus notional distance may be displayed. Runs on any Mac. From Sowerbutts.

*AppleCORE 0.7.3, Dr. Mike Ranger,7326 106th Street,,Edmonton,Alberta,,Canada T6E 4V8, Tel: (403) 439-0594, FAX: (403) 492-8380,$1700,$300 academic, AppleCORE makes use of interactive graphical methods for inputting data that make use of the mouse. Patterns for over 128 different lithologies are provided (and can be customized) as are individual palettes with symbols for physical structures, special lithologic symbols, trace fossils, fossils, diagenetic features, pore types, fractures and hydrocarbon indicators. Textural and numeric data (e-log data) may be imported for display next to the lithology column in a strip chart. Log layouts can be customized for particular log applications. Logged photo and sample data can be exported as TEXT for inclusion in any standard word processor. Customizable core log displays, including legends, can be exported in PICT format for import into a wide variety of graphic and text processing programs.

ATOMS for the Mac 1.1,Rockware, Inc., 2221 East St., Golden, CO 80401, (303) 278-3534, $199, Displays atomic structures of all types, for publications, presentations or teaching. Special features include: full-color shading with 8-bit or 32-bit color display or color printers; automatic drawing of stereopairs; publication-quality output on laser printers or pen plotters; file output-PICT, PAINT, HPGL, EPS, black-and-white or color; interactive input and control through keyboard. ATOMS will display crystal, molecule or polymer structures as ball and stick, wire-frame, interpenetrating (space-filling) atoms or polyhedra, or any of these mixed. Full use is made of symmetry and lattice translations and only the minimum number of atomic positions need to be entered. Input: Unit-cell or axial system; symmetry (space- or point-group symbol or number); fractional or absolute coordinates of symmetry-unique atoms; colors, atomic radii and other display parameters. Structure files are interchangeable with IBM-PC version. Bonds and polyhedra are automatically located, given atom types. For crystals, the extent of the structure can be displayed with crystal faces or by translation limits. Structures can be rotated to any orientation and can be viewed as direct projections or in perspective. Optional silicate structure library is $60. From Shape Software.

AVO II,Rockware, Inc.,2221 East St., Golden, CO 80401, (303) 278-3534,$350,Performs seismic amplitude versus offset (AVO) modeling. AVO II is an affordable tool for geophysicists and other earth scientists. AVO II special features include: full Zoeppritz equations used for reflection amplitude; example models; raytrace display; wavelet display; AVO line plot display; on-line help; import/export ZOEP II files. AVO II can be used to simulate AVO response on any scale, from the base of the soil to the MOHO. The program traces rays and computes elastic reflection coefficients inhorizontally layered earth models. A single source, up to 30 receivers and upto 20 intermediate layers can be specified by the user. To isolate the amplitude/phase variation due to the elastic reflection coefficient, other competing effects (e.g. spreading, transmission through intermediate layers etc.) are suppressed. The program supplies a best-case scenario from which a suspected AVO effect can be judged as feasible or not. From D'Marquis.

*Azimuth 2.5, Graphsoft,10270 Old Columbia Rd., Ste. 100, Columbia, MD 21046, (410) 290-5114, FAX (410) 290-8050,EMAIL:, $395, Mapping CAD program. This program can plot maps in any of 10 different standard cartographic projections. It also includes a full set of CAD-type tools for map drafting and modification. It can clip polygons to bounding rectangles for forming images. Azimuth can read and write DXF files.

*BasinWorks, PetroDynamics,12410 Meadow Lake Dr., Houston, TX, 77077, USA, (713) 293-7727, $250, A geohistory and subsidence analysis program incorporating insights from forward basin modeling. It removes all effects of sediment and water loading, as well as incorporating effects of sea level changes. The program produces information on geohistory, tectonic and total subsidence history, and sediment accumulation rates. The program reads data tables and produces data tables that can be loaded into programs such as Wingz, Excel, or Deltagraph for viewing (i.e., it doesn't produce its own graphics). Runs on any Macintosh. An MS-DOS version is available.

*Bedforms,SEPM,Tulsa,OK,USA,$11,Models formation of bedforms with internal stratification. Can make a series of images that can be used for animation of the formatio of bedforms. Postscript, Quickdraw, or bitmap output (the Postscript output is beautiful on a Postscript printer). Runs on any Mac but a floating point processor REALLY helps. Versions included for standard Macs and those with floating point processors. 9$ for SEPM members

*Carbonate 3.1,Dave Waltham and Stuart Hardy,Royal Holloway & Bedford College,Egham Hill,Egham,Surrey,TW20 0EX,UK,(0784) 434455,600,$150,Modeling formation of carbonate platforms based on the model of Bosence and Waltham (1990). User supplies initial seafloor geometry (6 pairs of distance/height data), initial water depth and history of sea level changes (three sealevel cycles defined in terms of period, amplitude and shift), erosion and growth parameters. Graphic output includes color-coded cross section of the depositional system, sealevel variation diagram, a key to the colors used in the diagrams and a chronostratigraphic (Wheeler) diagram with three logs displayed for any position in the section. Chronostratigraphic markers can also be added. Output can be saved as a color PICT file. Runs on any Mac but a color machine with a floating point processor are recommended. Additional academic copies (after first copy at $150) are $15.

Chameleon 3.0,Rockware, Inc., 2221 East St., Golden, CO 80401, (303) 278-3534,$49.95,General purpose weights and measures conversion utlity. Special features include: over 200,000,000 possible conversions; 18 dimensions-distance, mass, area, etc.; fast and easy to use; encyclopedic in scope. Chameleon is a general-purpose weights and measures conversion utlity for engineers, scientists and students. More than 200 million measurements are available in 18 dimensions: distance, mass, time, temperature, energy & work, pressure, plane angle, force, illumination, area, volume, linear velocity, angular velocity, density, power, flow rate, moment of inertia of area and moment of inertia of volume. From Spectrum Computing, Inc.

Chemintosh,SoftShell International (), 1600 Ute Ave, Grand Junction, CO, 81501, USA, (970)-242-7502, $599, Version 3.4.4 of ChemIntosh. It contains an integrated archive facility, chemical recognition and proofreading features, new drawing tools, support for standard file formats and support for System 7.x subscribe and publish. SoftShell also has an add-on tool for ChemIntosh for Carbon-13 NMR spectroscopy analysis.

CIPWNorm,D.R. Mason & J.E. Mason,P.O. Box 78,,Glenside,SA,5065,Australia,$50,Calculates the CIPW normative mineralogy of rocks or minerals from their major element chemical analysis (after Kelsey,1964). Runs on any Mac. From Sowerbutts.

*Clastic 2.0,Dave Waltham and Stuart Hardy,Royal Holloway & Bedford College,Egham Hill,Egham,Surrey,TW20 0EX,UK,(0784) 434455,600,$150,Modeling formation of shelf edges based on the forward modeling equation of Waltham (1991). User supplies initial seafloor geometry (6 pairs of distance/height data), initial water depth and history of sea level changes (three sealevel cycles defined in terms of period, amplitude and shift), erosion and growth (sediment input flux, transport distances and proportions of sediment grain-sizes) parameters. Graphic output includes color-coded cross section of the depositional system, sealevel variation diagram, a key to the colors used in the diagrams and a chronostratigraphic (Wheeler) diagram with three logs displayed for any position in the section. Chronostratigraphic markers can be also be added. Output can be saved as a color PICT file. Runs on any Mac but a color machine with a floating point processor are recommended. Additional academic copies (after first copy at $150) are $15.

Continental Drift Digital Image Files,Geological Society - University of Texas at Arlington,Department of Geology,PO Box 19049,Arlington,76019,,817-273-2978,$4, Twenty eight different PICT files of paleogeography through time. Each image is $4, the entire set of 28 is $60. These images can be used with Earth-In-Motion's PGIS/Mac.

Counter,Rockware, Inc., 2221 East St., Golden, CO 80401, (303) 278-3534, $100,Uses the Macintosh keyboard as an expanded differential counter. Special features include: unlimited data sets and unlimited size of data file; datasaved as tab-delimited text files; compatible with spreadsheets and statistics applications; 7 counting configurations. Runs on any Mac. Developed by PAZ Graphics.

CRUSH,Berrong Enterprises Ltd.,701 N. Post Oak * Suite 300,,Houston X,TX,Houston, Texas 77024,USA,(713) 680-9420,CRUSH, Berrong Enterprises' interactive elastic modeling and inversion program, provides a comprehensive examination of the origin and nature of Amplitude-Versus-Offset (AVO) phenomena observed in real seismic data. CRUSH allows for a balanced approach to AVO interpretation using human judgment constrained by available data. By using CRUSH, the explorationist is able to understand the significance and consequence of acoustic responses and Poisson's ratio interactions. CRUSH allows the user to ascertain the following information: * The cause of the anomaly (i.e., whether it is an acoustic response or a rigidity contrast). * The value of Poisson's ratio near the anomaly. * The sensitivity of the AVO behavior to changes in Poisson's ratio. * The uniqueness of the modeling solution (i.e., the potential for other Poisson's ratio/impedance combinations to produce the same anomaly). * The lithology, thickness, porosity, and fluid content of a given layer

Crystal,Dr. Ken Williams,Department of Geology and Geophysics,University of Sydney,Sydney,NSW,2006,Australia,For drawing the atomic structures of crystalline materials - given that you know the unit cell parameters, atomic radii, etc., and the unit cell coordinates (e.g. 1,0,1 or .5,1,0 or whatever) for each atom in the unit cell.

D.C. Resistivity,Rockware, Inc., 2221 East St., Golden, CO 80401, (303) 278-3534, $100, Modeling resistivity data from Wenner, Lee, or Schlumberger electrode configurations. The intended application for the software is in the area of shallow engineering scale resistivity investigations (hazardous waste site studies, foundation surveys, hydrogeologic surveys, etc.) Up to 30 apparent resistivity observations per sounding can be modeled using electrode spacings from 1 to 1,000 feet (or meters). The user enters number of layers (maximum of 10), resistivities of layers, and their thicknesses. Runs on any Mac. From R.E. Morency & Associates.

Deed Plotter 1.1,Rockware, Inc., 2221 East St., Golden, CO 80401, (303) 278-3534, $199,A HyperCard stack which provides an efficient and economical method of drawing, cataloging and retrieving property deeds. Special features include: section identification card which prompts for section number, township number and range number of the job; section card which displays ideal (1 mile x 1 mile) section boundaries which can be modified to match real world data without having to re-enter deeds; rapid decimal entry of bearings, i.e. 80.4521 is the entry for 80 degrees, 45 minutes, 21 seconds; automatic generation to screen of plot; five curves possible-tangent, perpendicular right, perpendicular left, radial bearing and chord bearing; deed information card which, in addition to showing area and closure, prompts for entry of city, deed type, recorded area, etc.; title history card for additional text entry; view traverse list for easy data proofing and editing; list of deeds card provides deed list for current job. From this screen, deeds can also be added or deleted; help button; direct exportation to VersaCAD/Macintosh edition and VersaCAD Drafter which provide full CAD functionality including plotting, direct export to V-COGO Mac (see elsewhere in this data base). From Engineering Desktop Solutions.

*DeltaGraph Professional 4.5 SPSS,SPSS Inc., 233 S. Wacker Drive, 11th floor, Chicago, IL 60606-6307, TEL: 1 (800) 543-2185, FAX: 1 (800) 841-0064, $299, (also Rockware) Advanced charting program for scientific and business charts. Does a beautiful job of solid patterned or 3-D surfaces and color-fill contour maps. Probably the best Macintosh graphing package around! Supports gridded and XYZ format 2-D and 3-D surfaces (XYZ surfaces estimated using tesselation). Also includes ternary diagrams. Includes iterative fitting of nonlinear equations to data. Includes presentation features. Runs on any Macintosh and is native for PowerMacs. Windows version also available.

Density,D.R. Mason & J.E. Mason,P.O. Box 78, Glenside,SA,5065, Australia,$35, Calculates the density of a rock from the volume percent and density of its constituent phases. Porosity can be accommodated. Runs on any Mac. From Sowerbutts.

Deviate,Rockware, Inc.,4251 Kipling St,Suite 595,Wheat Ridge, CO,80033, USA, 303-278-3534, $125, Drill hole deviation plotting program. Deviate reads user created text files of data containing drill hole deviation data. The initial data can be in X,Y,Z locations of the drill bit or azimuth and plunge of the drill bit. Runs on any Mac.

*Dicer 2.0,Spyglass, Inc.,1800 Woodfield Drive,,Savoy,IL,61874,USA,(217) 355-6000,$695,Software for color display and manipulation of volumetric (3D) data sets. Dicer allows import of 3D data (including ASCII, spreadsheet, floating pointer, integer, byte, PICT, TIFF and HDF) formats. Dicer rapidly creates 3D color images that can be rotated. The images can be sliced in orthogonal slices and colors can be rendered transparent. In addition animated sequences can be created. Color Mac required and floating point processor is HIGHLY recommended. Also available through Rockware.

Diffract v 1.2,Jim Stanely,microdev Software,320 N.W. John Olsen Ave. #4-104,Hillsboro,OR,97124,USA,503-690-7965,$900,$499 Academic,A crystallographer's dream with over 150 functions. It can plot SAD and CBED diffraction patterns, HOLZ diagrams, kikuchi maps, stereographic projections, ring patterns, a simple diffractometer plot and 2-D and 3-D representations of the real lattice. It can also determine quantitative data such as extinction conditions, structure factors, d-spacings, angle between planes, and angle between directions as well as determine the thickness of a thin foil using convergent beam patterns. Includes version for standard Mac and one for floating point processor Macs.

Digital Elevation Models (DEM),Rockware, Inc., 2221 East St., Golden, CO, 80401, (303) 278-3534,50,,High resolution (7.5 min quad - nodes at 3 second intervals) data for the entire USA (including Alaska and Hawaii). Quantity discounts. Four different formats: GRD (Gridzo format for MS-DOS machines), SRF (Surfer compatible), MGR (MacGridzo format), and MAT (simple text matrix with tab delimited values). The data is compiled from the National Geophysical Data Center's elevation data base.

*Digitize 1.52,Rockware, Inc., 2221 East St., Golden, CO, 80401, (303) 278-3534, $250, For digitizing on ADB (Apple Desktop Bus) digitizer tablets (Summagraphics BitPad and Microgrid Series, GTCO Macintizer and DIGIPAD ADB, Kurta IS/ADB, CalComp WIZ and Drawing Board ADB, and Wacom serial digitizer models). Data can be saved in 6 different formats: internal format, ASCII x,y,z format (with strings), ASCII-MacGridzo Base Map format, scaled PICT, tab-delimited format and DXF. Allows user to scale to any coordiante system. Runs on any Mac.

*Dimple Image Analysis Tools 3.07, Process Software Solutions PTY LTD, PO Box 2100,, Wollongong, NSW 2500, Australia, +61-42-261757, $1495, ( also through Rockware) Software for multispectral image processing, rectification and registration, and supervised and unsupervised classification. Has a variety of 8-bit and 24-bit image processing tools. Dimple comes with versions for Macs with and without FPUs and is PowerMac native. An internal Image Operation Language makes it easy to batch process files and perform complex multistep image processing. Internally supports images in RAM or off disk (to allow processing of very large scenes). Reads and writes ERDAS files. Educational site licenses available.

Disk.E.Log,Disk.E.Log Co.,330 S. Center, Suite 302,,Casper,WY,82601,USA,307 265-4652

*Domino 2.2,Dave Waltham and Stuart Hardy, Royal Holloway & Bedford College, Egham Hill, Egham,Surrey, TW20 0EX,UK, (0784) 434455, $600, $150, A program for modeling the development of a domino extensional fault block system. The program combines the uniform lithospheric stretching model of McKenzie (1978), the domino fault-block rotation model and a diffusion model of erosion/sedimentation in order to forward model the relationships between the domino fault-blocks and syn- and post-rift sediments. The addition of non-local sediment is allowed for in the model by the addition of a background seidmentation parameter. Plots are produced of the deformation of pre-, syn-, and post-rift sedimentation. The user supplies information on the initial geometry of the fault blocks, the total amount and variation in extension rate, various sediment parameters, the densities used in the isostatic calculations and thermal and isostatic relaxation times. This version saves color PICT files. Additional academic copies (after first copy at $150) are $15

*Earth'nWare (Earth Science software by Declan De Paor) has been taken over / overtaken by See Intro Structure Bundle, Microstructure Bundle, Strain Analysis Bundle, Physical Geology Bundle, Geophysics Bundle in this listing.

Earth Observatorium,Rocky Mountain Digital Peeks, 800-266-7637, $49, This CD-ROM explores NASA's program "Mission to Planet Earth" through the use of the complete photographic results of Earth from Space Shuttle flight 59 and STS68 (25,500 24- bit color photos). This CD-ROM provides one of the most comprehensive photographic records of the planet Earth ever published for the consumer, each photo annotated with country and features coupled with a powerful navigational and search interface.

In addition to the complete photographic results, this ambitious space program is explained through the interactive use of text, sound and movies. The Space Radar Lab #1 flew on STS-59 to test various Radar instruments in space and collect the initial results for study by scientists. Many of the actual radar images of Earth with analysis are presented.

Perhaps most unique about this CD-ROM is the ability to view every one of the almost 13,000 photos taken by the astronauts (good and bad) along with the annotation of each picture by country name, general feature, time, and lat/long location. The pictures can be accessed in several ways.

Other features include: View the Shuttle position for each photo on a topographic map of the Earth in three different resolutions; animate the orbit; see the terminator; view the location of each image, complete with terminator; list cities near or in each photo; view a political map for each photo and read about each country; visit the astronauts and learn their backgrounds, view them at work and listen to extensive audio interviews; read the daily status reports for the mission from NASA; view the radar images, and their interpretations; search for visual photos near each radar image to compare the images; learn about the "Mission to Planet Earth", Earth Observing System and the Global Change Research programs. using the interactive handbooks; and read the Shuttle Handbook to learn all about the Space Shuttle. Export the text information the the clipboard, the printer or a file. An complete subject index for the CD-ROM permits jumping to a specific topic without navigation through the normal sections.

They also sell a CD with the best 500 shuttle images in hi-res version with browser for $49.

*Eigenshape,Dr. Norman MacLeod,Dept. of Paleontology, Nat. Hist. Museum,Cromwell Road,London,,SW7 5BD,UK,(071) 938-9007, A series of programs for eigenvector analysis shape; contact Dr. MadLeod.

Elementary Data 3.0,Rockware, Inc., 2221 East St., Golden, CO, 80401, (303) 278-3534, $100, , Interactive, menu driven, user friendly program that provides exhaustive information on all elements in the Periodic Table. It can also plot various properties as a function of atomic number, including boiling and melting points, atomic radii, atomic weights, densities, eletronegativities, isonization potentials, number of stable nuclides and solar system abundances. Runs on any Mac. From Clare Marshall.

EMEX-MT,Emerald Exploration Consultants,8108 Mesa, Suite A-215, Austin, TX, 78759, USA,, $8000, Software for interactive modeling and interpretation of magnetotelluric and controlled source audio-frequency magnetotelluric data. EMEX-MT is a group of programs for computing synthetic magnetotelluric curves for foward and inverse one-, forward two-, and forward three-dimensional geological models, forward EMAP modeling, and for computing MT parameters from the impedance tensor.

EndLink,Rockware, Inc., 2221 East St., Golden, CO, 80401, (303) 278-3534,99,,EndLink provides a link between EndNote (popular bibliographic software) and on-line services. Special features include: imports references into EndNote or EndNote Plus, works with GeoRef through Silver Platter CD-ROMs. From Niles and Associates, Inc.

*Environment for Visualizing Images (ENVI), Research Systems Inc. 4990 Pearl East Circle, Boulder, CO 80301. (303) 786-9900 ENVI, the Environment for Visualizing Images, is the easiest to use advanced remote sensing package. ENVI has a full suite of general image processing features including image registration and orthorectification, classification, radar processing, and map composition. ENVI's hyperspectral processing tools can help you get more information out of multispectral data. Not only can ENVI work with any type of remote sensing data, it can handle GIS data too. Use ENVI to create or update vector layer. Integrate vector layers with your remote sensing data analysis. ENVI is powered by IDL, Interactive Data Language. Users may easily customize and extend ENVI with IDL. Educational discounts are available.

*Extension 1.0,Dave Waltham and Stuart Hardy,Royal Holloway & Bedford College, Egham Hill, Egham, Surrey, TW20 0EX, UK, $600, $150,A program for simulating the development of an extensional fault and, if desired, its subsequent inversion based on a vertical or inclined shear model. Plots are produced of the deformation of pre- and syn-rift sediments, controlled by fault shape, amount of extension/compression and angle of shear. The plots can be annotated with a variety of type styles, faces, fonts and tools, and can be printed or saved in MacPaint format. Runs on all Macs but is slow on non-floating point processor models; floating point and SANE processor version is supplied. Additional academic copies (after first copy at $150) are $15

FastTABS 2.0,Rockware, Inc., 2221 East St., Golden, CO, 80401, (303) 278-3534, Macintosh-based hydrodynamic modeling system. Special features include: performs sophisticated 2D flow simulation in the time required for typical 1D HEC-2 analysis; Sophisticated mesh generation and editing tools; superior graphics including vector plots, color-shaded contours and time-history plots; includes pre- and post-processor, analysis software and digitizing program; complete graphic user interface, spreadsheet and PICT file output. The FastTABS system is based on the TABS suite of computer programs developed by the US Army Corps of Engineers for finite element modeling of shallow water flow and includes FastTABS 2.0, TABS 2D flow analysis program and a digitizing program called FastDigit. FastTabs can be used to contruct two-dimensional finite element meshes of rivers, bays or wetland areas where shallow water flow occurs. Large meshes can be constructed quickly from sets of scattered point using Delauney triangulation. Large rectangular or triangular regions can be meshed using Coons patches. Arbitrarily shaped polygons can be automatically filled with elements. Existing DEMs can be imported and used as background data for generating elevations for meshes. Once a mesh has been constructed TABS can be used to compute flow velocities and water surface elevations at each node. From BYU Engineering Computer Graphics Lab. Basic version( 250 elements) @$600; enhanced version (1,200 elements) @1,500; Professional version (unlimited elements) @$2,500. X-Windows and PC Windows versions available.

*Fault II,Rockware, Inc., 2221 East St., Golden, CO, 80401, (303) 278-3534, $595, $250, An interactive, forward modeling program that constructs area-balanced cross sections of different fault-related fold styles. Special features include: models contractional fault-propogation & fault-bend folds (Modes I & II) with layer-parallel shear (forming parallel folds); models contractional and extensional fault-bend folds with vertical simple shear (forming similar folds); parallel folding models accept planar fault geometries and the similar fold model permits planar or listric fault geometries with single or multiple ramps; allows the creation of complex faults and fault systems (e.g., duplexes, imbricate fans, growth faults, inversion structures and fault-propogation fold breakthroughs); unlimited number of beds and/or faults at any position and in any sequence (as allowed by available RAM). From Wilkerson & Associates.

*Field Geology Photo-CD, (formerly Earth 'nWare Inc.), P.O. Box 0641, Hull MA 02045, Ph. 781-925-0264, FAX 781-925-4248, $29, Kodak Photo-CD format. 100 color images with explanatory index. Resolution from 128x192 to 2048x3072, colors from 256 to millions. Images are not copyrighted and can be used in any way. 100 images from North and South America, Europe and Africa. $10 S&H US, $15 non-US. e-mail -

FIN.AL 3.9,Rockware, Inc., 2221 East St., Golden, CO, 80401, (303) 278-3534,370,,Oil & gas cashflow program designed to work in conjunction with Excel. The program accepts variable before and after back-in working and net-revenue interests with the back-in occuring at any percentage of pay-out. Annual oil &/or gas production can be entered year-by-year or projected using up to three different exponential decline rates. It makes all decline calculations on a monthly basis and produces summaries. Oil and gas prices and lease operating costs can be escalated and/or de-escalated. Severance, ad valorem, and federal income taxes are considered by the program. Many more features. Runs on any Mac. From Fred Peel and George Davenport.

*Geologic Images on Floppy Disk,Earth 'n Ware, 148 Cadish Avenue, Hull MA 02045, Ph./FAX (617) 925-0264, $19, 4x800K or 3x1.4MB, PICT format images. First set is $19 and additional sets are $14. Sets include: Fossils & Sediments #GSS001 Folds & Faults #GS002 Desert S #GS003 Mountains #GS004 Erosion #GS005

Geological Image Digitizing, Advanced Logging Technologies,Box 12009, Beaumont, TX, 77726, USA, 409 833-2130, Advanced Logging Technologies (ALT) scanning services specialize in the digitization of libraries of photographic prints, negatives, and slides at very low cost. Compare the cost of digitizing an 8X10 core photograph ($3) to the original cost of acquiring a high quality core photograph ($10-$25) and its original color and fidelity is preserved forever. A reasonable investment, when you consider the original cost of acquiring the image. Air is to photographic negatives and prints what smoke is to lungs, very damaging. Once an image is captured, its negative and print immediately begin deteriorating. Slowly, the original photograph will definitely degrade. We only have to browse through the family picture album to confirm this reality. Photographs should be digitized as soon as possible to preserve their original color and fidelity. Once a photograph is digitized, it immediately increases in value and becomes much more useful to your staff. A digital image can be instantly viewed, duplicated, analyzed, used in reports, and transferred to and from any desktop on your computer network. For many organizations that means world wide access; which is a far cry from a single photograph in a library of prints available at a storage site that only a few have access to. Processing photographic media is handled in a fully turnkey manner, from scanning to final image processing. Scanning is only the beginning of the process. All images are scanned in 32 bit color, have the white balance reset, digitally enhanced, and are saved in a customer selected file format. A minimum of two files are usually generated, one a high resolution JPEG or PhotoCD archive file and the other a lower resolution file to use in reports and catalogs. JPEG and PhotoCD are the principal formats used by ALT for high resolution image archiving because of their high compression rates and cross platform accessibility.

*Geophysics Bundle, (formerly Earth 'nWare Inc.), P.O. Box 0641, Hull MA 02045, Ph. 781-925-0264, FAX 781-925-4248, Evaluation copies may be freely downloaded by members. Membership $39. Classroom licenses $2 per registered student, (min 25 students, discount for large classes). Seismic tutor, Isostasy Foucault, Magnetic Refversalsr, Polar Wandering, Magnetic Stripes.Sea-floor Spreading, Maskelyne, SeisMac, Orbital Mechanics (Eccentricity, Precession, Tilt), Stress Analysis, Self Potential, Ozone (Tropospheric polution and Stratospheric depletion), Magnetic Field. New content added every session based on members' requests.

GeoSymbol,Rockware, Inc., 2221 East St., Golden, CO, 80401, (303) 278-3534, $75, Geological symbols for use in drawing programs. This is a set of 190 geological symbols and graphics for use in drawing and painting programs to create high quality maps, cross sections, property sketches and illustrations. Symbols include: map symbols, geological period symbols, paleontological symbols, geological graphics (incl-geological tools, mini-continental drift maps, crystals). Symbols can also be used as fonts. Two formats are available, Adobe Type 1 and CorelDRAW 2.0 'WFN'. Note that this to work correctly on your Mac you must have Adobe Type Manager. From Pangea Software.

GeoView,Computer Systemics,806 Hill Wood Drive, Austin, TX, 78745, USA, 512-441-4583,595, $495, Exceedingly user friendly contour mapping program. Gridding by a moving least-squares fit. Includes adjustable 3-D mesh blocks, border and datum annotation, trend surface analysis, isopach calculation, and overlays. Output in PICT or DXF format. Can export smoothed grids in ASCII format. Maximum of 5,000 points. Versions forany Mac and for those with floating point processors (very highly recommended) included.

GPP, D.J. Geist, Department of Geology,University of Idaho, Moscow, ID, 83843,USA, $45.00, A program package for creating and using geochemical data files, perform petrologic calculations, make variation diagrams and display and print the results.

GPSy 3.20 , GPSy, Individal license, $50; Individual student license, $30. GPSy is a high-end Macintosh GPS communications program that connects your Macintosh to a broad range of Global Positioning System (GPS) receivers, Loran-C, DECCA, and OMEGA navigational units and has sophisticated mapping, logging, and data transfer features. GPSy has extensive USGS DRG topo map support, GPSyLinks to Internet Map Servers, StreetAtlas 4, and IPC's MapFan II, as well as user-scanned map support, Magellan and Lowrance/Eagle data transfer protocols, Sony IPS protocol, Rockwell Zodiac/Tripmate binary protocol support, Trimble TSIP support and much more.
It displays your current coordinates, altitude, bearing, heading, speed over ground, velocity made good, distance to go, current waypoint, GPS satellite data, and more. GPSy can upload and download GPS system data (waypoints; routes; track; almanac) from a variety of GPS manufacturers including Ashtec, Garmin, Eagle, Lowrance, Magellan, Rockwell and Trimble. GPSy Pro, GPSy Pro, $98.50 (as of 2/5/99), upgrades from GPSy = difference in purchase price. GPSy Pro is an enhanced version of GPSy, the award winning GPS and mapping software for the MacOS. GPSy Pro was designed for boaters and people who use large or complex map images and adds the following features to GPSy:

The initial release of GPSy Pro is designed for high-end users who urgently need to use BSB/NOAA/NDI nautical charts; people who work with large or multiple map files; or those who need high-end map calibrations. The software is still in the development stage and customers should expect to check our web site often for upgrades. If you are new to GPS technology, we strongly recommend that you demo or purchase GPSy first before stepping up to GPSy Pro.

GraphicInsight, ComGrafix, Inc., 1765 Carnegie Avenue, Clearwater, FL 33756, Ph 727 585-7799, Fax 727 518-1584, 800 448-6277, Desktop GIS (Geographic Information System). All the specifications of MapGrafix without digitizing. Opens MapGrafix maps and imports ESRI Shape Files! New interface with a color toolbar, 1 MB overlays, and allows duplicate ID's. HALF the price of MapGrafix, $495. Educations discounts available. Read more about the product at

Grav2D 2.1,Rockware, Inc., 2221 East St., Golden, CO, 80401, (303) 278-3534, $100, Interactive, graphic 2-D modeling program. The number of bodies and stations limited only by memory; spreadsheet-like windows for display and editing of data; input and output via text or graphics; show anomaly of individual bodies; autoscrolling during drag or reshape operations; supports user selectable color and patterns; MacDraw-like interface for drawing and editing the model. Works on any Mac with a special version for the MacII. From Steve Hurst.

Gravity V1.2,Micro-Innovations, Inc., Order Department,704 Burke Street, Easton, PA, 18042, USA, $100, An enhanced version of Talwani's 2-D gravity modelling technique.

Hand Specimens 1.1,Rockware, Inc., 2221 East St., Golden, CO, 80401, (303) 278-3534, $50, A database of diagnostic properties of minerals in hand specimen. Charcteristics of minerals include mineral name, chemical composition, mineral group, crystal system, crystal class, cell dimensions, hardness, luster, color, streak, habit, and specific gravity. File Maker required. From Clare Marshall.

Harbor Master 4.0,Zihua SoftwareZihua Software, LLC, PO Box 2316, Rockport, MA, Orders (800) 659-0155, Support (978) 546-8455, FAX (978) 546-8458, Harbor Master is an ocean tide and tidal current predictor program. It covers North America in two regions:

It predicts tides for one to three years. It displays a continuous graph of data, sunrise and sunset times and moon phase. Runs on Macs and Wintel machines. Cost is $50 per year.

HydroBase 1.0,Rockware, Inc.,4251 Kipling St,Suite 595, Wheat Ridge, CO, 80033, USA, 303-278-3534, $695, HydroBase is a Macintosh-based water resource management system. Special features include: a hierarchical access system (3 levels of access); effective management tool for water resource data (i.e., water levels, water quality, lithology); all data is keyed to a unique well index; standard data import capabilities; flexible exporting utilities. HydroBase is a relational data base that provides access for storage and management of well inventory data, including water level data, water quality data and lithologic data. The database structure also provides capabilities for attaching an X-Y coordinate reference to each well location within the database. A unique well index is established for each well location to ensure data integrity and to avoid duplication of records from within the database. The well index is based upon the federal system of rectangular surveys of public lands, and a well must be identifiable based upon this system for entry into HydroBase. Standard export features include tabled reports for both water level and water quality data, lithologic logs, cross sections, Piper data (for Piper/Stiff), Schoeller data, hydrographs and others. Each additional user $195. From Sunset Software.

Hypercard Plate Tectonics,Geological Society - University of Texas at Arlington,Department of Geology,PO Box 19049, Arlington, TX, 76019, USA, 817-273-2978, $80.00, $49.99,Consists of three different Hypercard stacks. Australia's Northward Flight: An animated view of the breakup of Australia from Antarctica and its subsequent northward drift. Opening of the Atlantic: Hypercard animation of the breakup of Pangea.Drifting Continents: Animation of the last 600 million years of plate tectonic movement (in 10 million year increments). Each stack is $39.99, all three are $80. Runs on any Mac. Requires Hypercard.

Hyperview Kit,ThinkSpace Inc., 316 Cheapside Street, London, Ontario, N6A 2A6,CAN, $79, Hypercard toolkit for managing and viewing image files. Picture files (including 8-bit to 32-bit) are loaded into the available RAM partition (it works in System 7 with a large virtual memory partition) and the user can pan within an image. Four applications are included: QuickView, QuickOrganize, QuickBrowse and Print. QuickView provides the user with a capability to display multiple Picture files smoothly. The standard Mac I/O window is used to provide the use with access to any available Picture files. Image windows can be moved, scrolled, zoomed, resized and printed. QuickOrganize provides the user with a set of tools for building an hierarchical representation of linkages between a collection of related iamges. QuickOrganize is intended to enable users to organize large quantities of graphic information in order to browse the collection and view individual files. The organization is built as a graphical tree that can be compiled by QuickOrganize to crate one or more separate Hypercard stacks for browing and viewing the collection. QuickBrowse stacks are created by compiling QuickOrganize trees. QuickBrowse stacks can be used as stand alone applications for navigating and viewing the related images. Print can only be accessed within QuickView and QuickBrowse and provides the use with tools for customizing and printing Picture files.

The Interactive Data Language (IDL), , Research Systems Inc. 4990 Pearl East Circle, Boulder, CO 80301. (303) 786-9900 IDL is a programming environment for the interactive analysis and visualisation of scientific and engineering data that integrates an array orientated language with mathematical analysis, image processing and graphical display techniques. It provides procedures and functions for image smoothing, translation, geometric corrections, Fourier transforms, convolutions in both frequency and spatial domains, median filtering and interpolation. Data in the form of scalars, vectors, matrices or arrays are expressed and manipulated as single entities. The program can display data as 2D or 3D graphics, surface and contour plots, gridded data, images, 3D volume visualisations, map projections and animations. Facilities are available to build custom graphical user interfaces. IDL will link to other programs.

Igpet-Mac,Rockware, Inc., 2221 East St., Golden, CO, 80401, (303) 278-3534, $199, Igpet-Mac provides tools for teaching and research in igneous petrology. The program allows users to develop their own data bases and to use graphics routines to discover and interpret patterns of geochemical variation. Special features include: Harker, Fenner, Discrimination, CMAS, SPIDER, REE and PER plots; reads ASCII files; includes QuickBASIC source code; linear regression and hyperbolic mixing curves are calculated; plots go to scrapbook for transfer to drawing programs; publication-quality output on a laser printer. Includes several data sets, including low pressure cotectic data, moderate pressure cotectic data, MORB glasses and several suites of calc-alkaline rocks from Central American Volcanoes. From TerraSofta.

Image 1.57,Wayne Raschad,National Institute of Health,State of the art 8-bit image processing program. Perform many types of image analysis and morphometric analysis on images. Digitizes images with from video digitizing card, also accepts images created on scanners and even from LANDSAT tapes, i.e., it reads just about any format including raw ASCII. Supports PASCAL-like macros that allow very sophisticated operations to be performed (just about any sequence that can be executed from the keyboard or menus). Program is free if downloaded from its server over INTERNET via anonymous FTP from [] in the directory /pub/image. Enter anonymous as the user name and anything as a password. The /image directory contains the latest version of Image, along with source code, HyperCard reference stack, and many sample images. It also contains versions of Image extended to do Fourier analysis, fractal analysis, to capture and analyze in 24-bit color, and to support quantitative evaluation of cerebral blood flow, glucose metabolism, and protein synthesis. Runs only on Mac II generation computers with color displays.

iMap 2 ( is a software application developed for mapping large amounts of latitude and longitude data. iMap supports different map image formats including BMP, TIFF, JPEG, PICT, GIF and PNG, and comes with ready-to-use maps. It also supports the use of maps downloaded from the Internet, exported from GIS software, or scanned from optical scanner. You can plot different symbols or characters using the fonts installed on your system, and you can also create a movie from a sequence of maps -- to plot vegetation history, for example. Changes in iMap 2 include: Redesigned interface with native support for Aqua, sheets and smooth window resizing.
Support for AppleScript: script iMap 2 to automate distribution mapping.
Support for larger map files: open bigger map files thanks to Mac OS X dynamic memory allocation.
Support for multiple map files: open and plot on more than one map at the same time.
Enhanced zoom option: choose one of the 40 zoom levels to view and calibrate maps.
Plot data files at once: plot as many data files as you want with one click.
Save a map to PDF: save any map to a PDF file, for cross-platform viewing.
Plot a location: plot a location without entering its coordinates into a data file.
Write to log file: output the text displayed in the status bar to a log file.
iMap supports Mac OS 8.6 or higher, and has been designed and optimized for Mac OS X, according to the developers. It is distributed as US$15 shareware.

International Developments Database,Masera-AAPG Data System, 1743 East 71st Street,P.O. Box 702708, Tulsa, OK, 74136, USA, 918 496-7777, $17500,, AAPG ExploratoryDrilling Papers, non-North America only, 1950-1990. Fully indexed text, data inspreadsheet format, figures in raster files. Includes a Hypercard 2.0 templatewith search engine. On CD-ROM for Macintosh or PC.The first set (1981-1990) iscurrently available.

*Intro Structure Bundle, (formerly Earth 'nWare Inc.), P.O. Box 0641, Hull MA 02045, Ph. 781-925-0264, FAX 781-925-4248, Evaluation copies may be freely downloaded by members. Membership $39. Classroom licenses $7.50 per registered student (min 10 students, discount for large classes). Structure Lab 1 (covering basic structural geometry - dip/strike, apparent dip, structure contours, stereonets,cross sections), StereoTutor, CarDec (card deck simulation), Kinematic Terms (simple animation), Brittle vs Ductile, Listric Fault, Plane Fault, Failure Modes, Fault Blocks, Longitudinal Strain, Kink Band (kink modeling), Stylolite. New content added every session based on members' requests.

LANDesign,Rockware, Inc., 2221 East St., Golden, CO, 80401, (303) 278-3534, $595, The coordinate geometry program to use for any surveying, land planning, site design, road layout or civil project. Special features include: export text file listings, import from ASCII text or PICT files; deed plotting; traverse adjustments; automatic annotation and rotation; flexible units; numerical format; shading and coloring of areas and objects; varible scaling. LANDesign incorporates a full featured graphics interface. Points, lines, curves, etc. can be entered by pointing and clicking (or dragging) with the mouse. Scroll bars and rulers let one move quickly to any place in the drawing and at any scale. From COMPUneering, Inc.

*LinDis,Dr. Arthur B. Busbey III, Department of Geology, Texas Christian University,Fort Worth,TX,76129,USA,817-921-7270, Trapeze template for pair-wise linear discriminant analysis. Calculates standard statistics and displays bar-graph histogram of the discriminant scores. Requires Trapeze.

Litho-Logic 1.0,Rockware, Inc., 2221 East St., Golden, CO, 80401, (303) 278-3534,195,,Five integrated modules for the geologist, including: polar to rectangular coordinate conversions; down-hole coordinates; 3-point structural calculations; true thickness of oblique intercepts; triangle computations. From LithoLogic Resources.

Log Interpret!,The Logic Group,P.O. Box 50499, Austin, TX, 78763, USA,512-474-4641,450,360,Simple program for physical log analysis and modeling. Input files in text, can be generated from log tracing by Logit also sold by The Logic Group. The program can calculate water resistivity, shale volume, porosity, true resistivity, and water saturation. Users can specify corrections and enter constant values. Results shown in tables and in graphs. Various cross-plots are available; lithology overlays are provided on neutron-density and neutron-sonic crossplots. Regression analyses find the upper straight line on Hingle plots computing m and aRw. Many more features available. This program is also sold by Rockware. Runs on any Macintosh.

*LOGGER 1.0,Rockware, Inc., 2221 East St., Golden, CO, 80401, (303) 278-3534,399,,Lithologic log plotting program. Special features include: detailed lithologic logs displaying many different types of data; user designed log formats using a drawing program type interface; high quality printed output at any scale; on-screen editing of lithologic patterns and descriptions; user selectable fonts, colors and styles. LogDesign, which comes with LOGGER, uses an intuitive screen-object interface for manipulating the elements of a log template. Each object can be dragged to set its location or double-clicked to set specific attributes such as font, size and color. Log entities include lithology patterns and descriptions, scale bars, curves, histograms, text and cutting/percentages. A separate header portion of the log can also be designed for displaying titles, descriptions and logos. The header may include text, editable text, lines and PICT images. The LOGGER package comes with over 20 pre-created templates with specific designed for petroleum, mining, hydrology and general purpose logs. Output graphic logs can be printed to any device or saved in PICT format.

GRASS GIS for Mac, Central Washington University, GRASS 4.1.5 has been ported to PowerMacs under the MachTen 4.0.x UNIX and MachTen X-windows by the GIS Laboratory at Central Washington. The cost for a set of GRASS binaries (distributed via FTP) is $350. The source code is available free with the binaries. GRASS port for 68K Macs running MachTen 2.2 is available by special arrangements but lacks many of the "contributed" programs of the PowerMac version. GRASS 4.1 for the Apple A/UX UNIX environment is also available by special arrangement at $350. GRASS 4.1 is a full-fledged geographic information system program including raster and vector data import/export/analysis and a good suite of image processing functions including band algebra, filtering, rectification, classification. The Mac versions currently lack a built-in tabular database for multiple attributes. Contact for details.

*MacClade,Sinauer Associates, Inc., North Main Street, Sunderland, MA, 01375-0407, USA, 413-665-3722, $75. Interactive claddogram generation. Allows the user to pick up and move cladogram branches, reroot clades, move a taxon into ancestral position, collapse braches to yield polytomous trees, cut taxa from trees, generate random trees, automatically perform local branch swapping restricted above or below a certain clade. The program can find the most parsimonius trees using a variety of techniques with a variety of data and includes statistics of the search results. Can read NEXUS, PAUP, older MacClade, Henn86, PHYLIP and NBRF formats. Publication quality trees on laser printers. Depending on memory can handle a maximum of 1,500 taxa and 16,000 characters. Produce includes a complete book on phylogenetic analysis with examples using MacClade.

MacContour,SIAL Geoscience, Inc.,969 Route de l'Eglise, Sainte-Foy, Quebec, CAN,418-659-4566, $900,,A gridding program that can handle up to a 1,024 by 1,024 grid and 32,000 data points, label selected contours, supports four pen widths, up to 20 contour levels in one map, and other features. It supports floating point processors and large monitors.

MacCounter,D.R. Mason & J.E. Mason,P.O. Box 78, Glenside, SA, 5065, Australia, $50, For point counting. Name up to 9 buttons on the screen according to the phases being counted; count by clicking with the mouse or typing the keyboard number. From Sowerbutts. Runs on any Mac.

MacDigi,The Logic Group,P.O. Box 50499, Austin, TX, 78763, USA, $500 , Program for digitizing electric logs to get them in form for the MacLog program. Supports several ADB digitizing tablets.

MacFrac,D.R. Mason & J.E. Mason,P.O. Box 78,,Glenside,SA,5065,Australia,,55,,Models major element magmatic crystal fractionation. Allows for continuous or discontinuous fractionation, up to 10 fractionation events per model, up to 11 minerals of variable composition per event and produces oxides, oxide versus oxide, and molar ratio plots. From Sowerbutts. Runs on any Mac.

MacGeoS II,SIAL Geoscience, Inc., 969 Route de l'Eglise, Sainte-Foy,Quebec, CAN,418-659-4566, $725, A GIS-like program integrating data management, statistical analyasis and graphics. A document may contain up to 64 variables described by a variable name and units (including missing data). Subsets may be chosen by Boolean operators or by drawing polygons on a scatter or ternary plot. Statistics include descriptive statistics, histograms, cumulative frequency curves, and correlation matrices. It produces scatter charts and (if you purchase the ternary module for an additional $200) ternary diagrams.

*MacGIS,Kit Larsen, Computer Center, University of Oregon, Eugene, OR, 97403, USA, Phone: 503-686-4394, Fast, black and white, Geographic Information System program that offers a limited subset of commands. Runs on any Macintosh and includes a floating point processor version. A newer version is under development. $100 for faculty version and $27 for students.

*MacGridzo 3.42,Rockware, Inc.,4251 Kipling St, Suite 595,Wheat Ridge,CO,80033,USA,303-278-3534,$ 399, Contouring and surface fitting program. Gridding algorithms include MWLS (with polynomial adjustment) and inverse distance gridding on up to 10,000 points; also supports Delaunay tesselation. Three-D views include perspective plots, mesh diagrams, or raised contours with adjustable viewing point. It is very easy to produce a fully finished and annotated map with the new Easy Map option. Full control of output size. Supports color and user control of control and contour labels. Directly supports plotter using Microspot's MacPlot plotter driver software. Can produce PICT files and reformatting routines support output of ASCII x,y,z, DXF and GRID ASCII files, spreadsheet format, or PC-GRIDZO. Runs on any Macintosh with version for Macs with floating point processors. Includes MacMod; programs that function in concert with MacGridzo. These modules allow the creation of detailed base maps with a test file scripting language, proportional symbol maps, strike and dip basemaps, boundary clipping to blank out areas of a map, grid mathematical functions between grids, filtering, boolean (true/false) grids, trend surface analysis with residuals and correlation coefficients, and drawdown modeling for well pumping or injection studies of water tables using the Theis nonequilibrium model (up to 500 wells).

MacINSTRAIN 2.5,Rockware, Inc., 2221 East St., Golden, CO, 80401, (303) 278-3534, $200, Center to center strain analysis program that allows the quantitative evaluation of small fabric anisotropies such as sand-grain imbrication and weakly strained rocks. It is an ideal program for evaluating strain partitioning since all of the analyses utilize the same data set. Generates many plots including Fry center-to-center plots, normalized center-to-center plots, enhanced Fry and normalized Fry plots, least squares best fit ellipses for enhanced plots, least squares best fit mean object ellipse, and many others. Runs on any Mac. From Eric Erslev and Rockware.

Macintosh Geological Software Demo 1.0,PetroDynamics, 12410 Meadow Lake Dr., Houston, TX, 77077, USA, (713) 293-7727, $45, The CD-ROM includes sample documents and information about Macintosh geological softwarefrom Advanced Logging Technologies, Apple Computer, Bowler Petrophysics,Berrong International, PetroDynamics (Marco Polo Software), Microspot, Imagination Software, Earth-in-Motion Technologies and Parallel Geosciences. It also includesQuickTime animations of stratigraphic cross sections produced by PHILincluding: Permian carbonate stratigraphy of the Last Chance Canyon, Neogenestratigraphy of the Atlantic Margin, Plio-Pleistocene stratigraphy of the GulfCoast, building a sequence in PHIL, sedimentary cycles, tectonic events andmore. There is also a QT movie of the collison of India with Asia produced by PGIS developed by Earth-in-Motion Technologies. If you have a PowerMac then there are example programs that demonstrate the rapid floating point and video capabilities of these RISC-based speed demons.

*MacLog, Bowler Petrophysics, Inc., 243 E. 19th Avenue, Suite 204, Denver, CO, 80203, USA, telephone & fax (303) 860-1641, E-mail:, $4000, $2500, MacLog® Interactive Software for the Evaluation of Wireline Logs in oil, gas and water wells. MacLog evaluates clean to shaly sands, carbonates and complex lithology and consists of up to 4 applications depending on user needs: LogEval, Create, LISRead and Digitizer. MacLog is working in Australia, Japan, U.K., Middle East and U.S.A. Support is Free. Upgrades are Optional. No maintenance fees.

LogEval: Main application imports ASCII tables and LAS files. Data editing, MD to TVD, rock removal, depth shifting and important borehole environmental corrections are available. Scale Factor, Offset and mmho shifts may be applied to recalibrate logs. Any data (indexed vs. depth) such as core porosity and permeability in up to 18 columns of ASCII may be imported and crossplotted or displayed along with MacLog wireline logs and answers in up to 14 Tracks. 36 log, 18 other data types and 36 calculated curves (Sw, Vclay, porosity etc.) are available for viewing, crossplots and histograms.

Price Single license: $US 4,250.00. Optional updates: $US 250.00. Create least-square curve fits one curve to another. The resulting fit may be used to write a new curve to a new file which contains the new curve plus all previous curves. User generated Porosity, Vclay, Sw and Sxo curves may be used in LogEval which will limit the values within the 0 to 100 range. Price: $US 500.00.

LISRead reads file types below and writes MacLog Real number files for use by MacLog:

The resulting MacLog Real number files may be converted to SEG-Y in Real (IEEE single 32 bit floating point) numbers for input for seismic modeling software running on the Macintosh. Any or all logs in the file may be included. The resulting SEG-Y file may be converted to ASCII which may be imported by a word processor for data inspection prior to running the seismic modeling package.
Price: $US 2,500.00.

Digitizer for Hard Copy Logs, Core, Mud log and other Data

Price: $US 500.00.

LogEval data input:

MacLog runs on Macs with color capability (Color QuickDraw) with system 6.04 on up and prints to any printing device with a Mac driver. Graphics are in color to screen or printer with proper hardware. Hard disc and 4 meg minimum memory are needed.

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