Big Bend National Park Pointers and Pictures

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Here are pointers I have found to information about Big Bend National Park, Brewster Co., Texas. If you know of any other sites with information about Big Bend then please send me mail.

I added an extensive section of Big Bend National Park Virtual Geology views on 5/6/04. This section includes a number of 3D QTVR views using the Maxwell et al (1967) Geology Map of the park on topography from the USGS and also a geologic flyover. You can go directly to the page by clicking here or by scrolling down through the various picture pages.

On November 30, 2012, I added resources that might be of interest for those working with geologic maps of Big Bend National Park. These include a GeoTIFF file of the 2011 USGS Geological Map of Big Bend National Parks (it has many flaws but is a bit better than the original Maxwell Map), an ACD Canvas GIS+ version of the map and a Natural Scene Designer 3D project with the map. These are available for free download but may be very large. Click here to go to the download page for these files.

If you are visiting Big Bend for the first time, many of the sites linked below should provide you with a wealth of useful vistor information. However, I have received a number of requests for suggestions about driving to Big Bend and I haven't seen much written about that particular subject. If you are interested in my viewpoints on the subject, click here.