USGS Big Bend Geological Map

There are five files available here related to the 2011 USGS Geologic Map of Big Bend National Park. My purpose was to make the map widely available in an easy-to-use GeoTIFF format and in several additional formats requiring some specific cross-platform software (Natural Scene Designer and ACD Canvas). I should note than the Shapefiles for the geology provided by the USGS as accompanying data for this map do not correctly overlay on maps - they are all shifted to the south and as such are unreliable. It is my impression that there are many problems with the geology on the map but it is, at least, better than the original Maxwell map in some aspects.

Contents of this folder include
1. This README file
2. BigBendNew250Rec.tif is a GeoTIFF file of the 2011 USGS Geologic Map of Big Bend National Park that was rendered at 250 DPI from the PDF version of the geologic map, georegistered and rectified in Canvas as UTM 13N, WGS 84. It is at a scale of 1:75000.
3. BigBendNew250Rec.tfw is the world file for the large GeoTIFF file.
4. NewUSGSBigBend.nsd is a NSD project including the geological map overlay and the USGS DEM 30 meter topo base.
5. BigBendNew250.cvx is an ACD Canvas GIS file with the ‘original’ rasterized, rectified and gelocated map from which the GeoTIFF was made. Loading it requires that you have a GIS enabled version of Canvas. This was made with the last version of Canvas (10) that was made for the Macintosh but reads fine in versions made for Windows.

These maps are available free of charge and I assume no responsibility for their use or abuse.

November 30, 2012

Dr. Arthur B. Busbey
Geology Program Coordinator
School of Geology, Energy, and the Environment
TCU Box 298830
Fort Worth, Texas 76129
817 257 7301

1 After importing the PDF file into Canvas and removing pictures and comments, it became obvious that there was something wrong with the cartographic information listed with the PDF map. The ‘collar’ information said the map was NAD 27, UTM 13N and the scale was 1:75K. However when I geolocated the map using this information and a single calibration point the registration was off across the map. I assume something happened between the final cartography and the production of the map, but it is not what is stated in the PDF (at least). It only took four control points in Canvas to correctly geolocate and register the image



For most of these files you will probably want to right click and choose to download the linked file. Most browsers won't know what to do with the native Canvas or NSD files.


USGS Big Bend Geology Map GeoTIFF (421 MB)

World file for GeoTIFF (4 KB)

ACD Canvas map file (100.4 MB)

Legend for map (PDF) (2.1 MB)

Natural Scene Designer Project (637 MB)