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The information you fill out below will be sent to the chair of the geology department. There are really two parts to this page.

The first is general information that will allow us to update our alumni data base. We will eventually post some of the information on an alumni page - mainly any comments and URLs to your own home pages. We will not post any personal information. If you have a web page please send us your URL so that we may include a pointer to your page in our alumni page.

The second part of this page is an alumni assessment questionaire. Fill out the portions you would like to and send this in.

Last Name First Name Middle

Present Address:
No. Street City State Zip Code
Phone: ()

Permanent Address:(If different from present address)
No. Street City State Zip Code
Phone: ()
Department/TCU Information

Geology Department Information:
Attended DepartmentWhat years?
B.S. DegreeWhat years?
B.A. DegreeWhat years?
B.S. Environmental Earth ResourcesWhat years?
M.S. DegreeWhat years?


Do you have any comments or news you would like posted on the upcomming Alumnus page (see below for inclusion of photographs)?

If you would like to post any pictures on our page we will gladly accept pictures under the following conditions:
1) Digital photos may be send to us as e-mail enclosures. Such pictures should be in Photoshop, .gif, or .jpeg formats and should be less than 200K; they will be further compressed here before appearing on the web. Send any pictures to Enclosures should be sent in binhex or uuencoded formats.
2) Photographs may be mailed to us for scanning and inclusion in the page. Pictures will be returned in the shape in which they arrive.

Alumni Assessment Questionaire

Please respond as best you can to each question.

1. How well has your major prepaired you for:
*Your first job?
Describe your job:

* Graduate school?

2. On the basis of your own experience, indicate the relative importance for subsequent graduate education and/or career success of being well versed in the following subject matters as an undergraduate.
*Extensive knowledge of a foreign language?
Which language?:

*Knowledge of research design and statistics
Please specify:

*Familiarity with computers and software:
Please specify:

*Second major (minor) in:
If other, please specify:

3. Please indicate both: i) how well your geology undergraduate education prepaired you with respect to each of the following (Column A), and ii) How important you found each of the following in your graduate education and/or professional career (Column B).

TOPIC Prepaired (A) Importance (B)
Function independently
Make oral arguments effectively
Indentify problems / create solutions
Acquire knowledge on your own
Think logically or analytically
Read efficiently
Write effectively
Respond appropriately to ethical issues

4. Please rate the following Department services:
* Quality of instruction:
* Quality courses:
* Quality of academic advisement:
* Quality of career counseling:

5. Indicate which of the following were part of your undergraduate experience (select all that apply).
Study Abroad Social or Fraternal Orgs
Honors Program Volunteer Work
Student government Campus organization leader
Academic honorary Intern

Identify which of these experiences contributed most to your education and briefly explain how.

6. Briefly explain what you see as the Department's primary strengths and weaknesses.

7. What experiences from your days as a geology major do you value most?

8. Which course(s) and/or professor(s) had the most positive influence on your education and why?

9. What specific changes, if any, would you like to see the department make?

10. Current status??

11. Any other comments?

You MUST include an e-mail address for this form to be processed, however it will remain confidential.

After you click on the submit button it may take a few seconds before the form is processed; please be patient.

AOL Users: You may receive an eroneous error message after the posting - your survey has been posted properly.

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